Monday, June 26, 2006

Be Proud!

Everybody should be proud of themselves. Everyone should feel attractive. Everyone should be in Toronto for Pride weekend in hopes they can feel the same way. Of course, not everyone who "feels" attractive will necessarily seem that way to say... Me. Still, I applaud the hairy man in the banana-hanger for trying. Shudder.

While I think there is nothing more important than being proud of oneself and finding oneself attractive, most people would likely agree that it's not so bad to hear it from other people. I know that I don't mind it. But I have realized that who it comes from does control how much it means to me. I'm touched at the thought either way. That being said, the sixty-something man who was telling me how gorgeous I was this weekend (extremely suggestively) didn't make me feel as good as... well, most anyone else telling me. Still, awfully thoughtful (except for the roaming hands).

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