Monday, October 16, 2006


Is it:

a) The number of cars Ford Motor Company built between their inception and Tuesday, November 18, 2003?
b) The population of the United States as of some time on Tuesday, October 17, 2006?
c) Approximate number of anti-depressant medication prescriptions issued in the United States each year?
d) The approximate exhaust velocity of a photonic rocket in meters per second?
e) All of the above?


Heather said...

Aieee! You meanie, teasing us poor trivia-minded folks like this!

I vote for b. Or d for the Star Trekness.

Phil said...

I know: it's YO MOMMA'S WEIGHT!! aahahahahahhaha

Man do I crack myself up!

justin said...

LOL! Little did I know that this would occupy you so. The interweb says that they're all true (for this post and the last) and we all know the interweb has never lied.

Boy I hope my mom doesn't read this. ;) She might start sitting around the house. And when I say around, I mean AROUND! ;)

Ryan said...

should i be ashamed or PROUD to not know what an "interweb" is...?

justin said...

Only the coolest hipsters know what the interweb is. ;)