Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am Bad for Biodiversity

The World Wildlife Fund just released it's Living Planet Report for 2006. Unsurprising to me, and perhaps to you, it doesn't look good. Canada ranks 4th in the per capita impact we have on the planet. This is not a list that we want to be at the top of. It appears that we need a few more planet earth's to fulfill our insatiable taste for stuff. Yes, I am personally a cause as I type this on my home computer (chock full of toxic metally goodness), after taking photos on my camera, driving my car and generally living beyond the means of the planet. I acknowledge my role and have a lot I should continue to change. Of related interest to me was how biodiversity has dropped over the past 30 years. I suddenly realized that I am personally a problem. Not because of my penchant for hunting endangered species or using too many resources but by the simple rules of math.

If the past 30 years were bad for biodiversity and I have been alive for the past 30 years then I must be bad for biodiversity. It saddens me to think I am destroying the planet, but who am I to argue with math? ;)


william said...

You're Justin, that's who! Math can go and whistle!

Christine K said...

I seem to remember more than one conversation at the dinner table when you would bring to my attention (after my own self criticism for participating in the demise of the planet) all of the conscious and caring things I did. Might I remind you of the same. Love you, Christine

David Tyner said...

Calculate your ecological footprint here

It is crazy to think even with my footprint at 5.2 we would need 2.9 planets of space if everyone had my life style. Since I do not have a car it seems the only way to lower my footprint is to buy food from the local market and not A&P.

On another note, Edward Burtynsky's "Manufactured Landscapes" movie is a must see.