Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The wind blows as the light fades from the Halloween sky. I scury home to beat the ghosts and goblins that are sure to invade and terrorize. I put the key in my door and turn, thankful to have reached the safety and comfort of my home. "No zombies or alien creatures are going to terrorize me." Yet, as I open the door, my senses are assaulted. "This is not the home I left this morning!" Oh no! Worse than the undead, my house had been visited by.... PLUMBERS! The smell was not the pungent nectar of the pipe-fitter. Rather, it was the smell of the mysterious "stuff" that had blocked my drain pipe allowing only the few and the lucky to escape. The unlucky were banished from the drain pipe to my floor, throughout the kitchen and into the living room. So, it seems, the descent of the plumbers onto my unsuspecting home may have saved me, and that unlucky water in my drain, from meeting again (likely in the form of me stepping in a puddle in my house). I may just have to revisit my feelings about plumbers. I mean, when was the last time that a zombie did any home repair for you? Still, say no to crack.

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