Monday, October 23, 2006

Sesquicenpostial (+4)

And the blogging continues. I let my 150th postiversery slide by in obscurity. Something didn't feel right about that so I'm having a belated Sesquicenpostial party. Ok, not so much party. Maybe I'll actually eat dinner. That sounds like a genuine celebration to me. For those of you who don't find that funny because you're worried I'm not eating enough, I'm just messing with you. I won't really be having dinner. ;)

Life continues on it's merry way. Still no word back on the photo (though I'm not getting discouraged, just waiting). It seems like winter is doing its best to supplant fall as the season that follows summer. Really, I might have to support it's claim. If it weren't for those great colours that fall keeps coming out with each year I might have to bench it. Maybe making it "ride the pine" (pun intended) for a year would make it get its act together. I shouldn't be so hard on autumn though. After all, I have been silently wishing for winter's arrival. At least since Saturday when I got snow tires put on my car. It would be a shame to have them and not use them. ;) While winter and snow are pretty cool (no pun intended there, I swear) I could at least handle them waiting until next week. This weekend is an ultimate tournament here in town. Goosebowl is a lot of fun. Being around Halloween, the costume theme really flies on the field and off. I had a great time last year but am a big enough person to admit that part of why I enjoyed it was that the weather was beautiful and warm. I don't think the field needs to be the site of two face-offs. One, my team against the other. Two, autumn v. winter, no holds barred. I'll let them save their cage match for a little later in the year.

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