Monday, November 06, 2006


I have dabbled with promoting things to you and I have dabbled with video (Oh Hoff, how you entertain me). Well, now I am going to bring the two together.

As altruistic as the ad may be (and sorry to those without high-speed internet and flash-player downloaded that can't see it, that's you gramma), I am not trying to sell you on anything that Dove does. I do consider this an effective ad, but wouldn't have thought twice about including it in my blog if it weren't for my wonderful and talented brother. You see, he and his friends have adapted that ad to fit their view. I think they've done an AMAZING job which is highlighted by having seen the original. Technically outstanding and thought-provoking to boot.

Sadly, it's not online yet so you'll have to start with the original. The spoof is posted so here it is:


Duffilator said...

Well done, gentlemen! [applause]

holly said...

That's awesome. I posted the YouTube link for a bunch of people with whom I had discussed the Dove ad.

Ryan said...

+blush+ I hope I have time to leave snappy comments what with all this whirlwind of celebrity distracting me!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Ryan that is amazing- you are a superstar. Congratulations.
ps Justin can we chat soon?