Sunday, November 05, 2006

What Month is This?

Before you ask, I didn't fall victim to a horrible cheese accident that left me in a coma, where upon waking I didn't know who I was or what month it is. In fact, nothing terrible has befallen me at all, unless you include the continued lack of carpet in my living room and tile in my kitchen.

So, back to the month. I know, I know, it's November, right? Wrong! It's Movember. I have The Walrus (not Paul) to thank for drawing my attention to this misunderstanding about our calendar. Movember is the month of the Moustache. Supposedly, we have Australia to thank for the month of Movember. Sure, there's plenty of reason just to celebrate the "lip caterpillar" but they are also using the month as a way to draw attention to male health issues like prostate and testicular cancers and male depression. Movember isn't just a month though, it's also a challenge. Participants have to shave clean at the beginning of the month and "go mo" for the rest of the month. On top of that, they can get donations to support the cause. Awareness. Fundraising. Moustaches. Seems like a great combination. It's not just happening in the rest of the Commonwealth, the Canadian Movember site is focusing their fundraising on the Princess Margaret Hospital (a renowned cancer treatment centre in Toronto).

Now I know I've opened myself to something vaguely troubling. I get the feeling like I may receive a response from my faithful readership asking why I am not asking for sponsorship. Do I consider my work done by drawing attention to this through my blog? Maybe. Could I be convinced to "go mo"? Perhaps. You can be sure that any votes for my participation would have to come along with donations. You know, put your money where my mouth is. I'll mull it over. You do the same.

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Michelle said...

If you do, I will! :)