Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day of Days

Of all the things that we celebrate, this should be the most important. It is something that touches our lives every day. In fact, if it doesn't we usually start to worry. As something we probably don't want to live without, we still don't like to see too much of it. It is known as "The Great Equalizer". You'll likely spend three years of your life with it. Avoiding it can make you sick. You may be surprised to know that it is considered musical and that most "sing" in the tone of E flat. It is a space where people look for solace, while others share intimate experiences. It shouldn't be but once a year, but yet today is World Toilet Day.


Phil said...

Wow, World Toilet Day, huh? I guess I'll celebrate by cleaning my old porcelain throne. Cause it smells like shit. Literally.

Ahhh! These are the precious moments of my life that I like to share!

Ryan said...

Can you change 'wisecracks' to 'buttcracks', just in honour of this momentous day?

justin said...

A one word response to both of you.

Phil: Flush.

Ryan: No.