Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lives (Being) Lived

Earlier this week a friend was mentioning how they enjoy reading the "Lives Lived" section of the Globe and Mail. Morbid curiosity was not the inspiration. Rather, it was the recognition that everyone has lived a life. Some are long and fulfilling. Others we, all too often, feel should have lasted longer.

It was that discussion that came to mind today as I checked the Globe online to find a report about Cancer. In particular, they follow a day in the life of those "dying from and living with cancer". That day was June 15, 2006, almost one year to the day that my grandfather fell victim to cancer. My day has been spent on the mundane tasks of cleaning-up after renovations which can be seen in a positive or negative light. Sure, it is a rare fool that looks kindly on cleaning but it can be seen as a sign of a life of following the path that we had in mind (minus the maid). So it was, that I spent my day cleaning, thinking of my grandfather and reading the stories of June 15.

The introduction explains things well and is an important preview:

"What you are about to read may sadden and disturb you. It may galvanize and inspire you. It is a window into the all-too-common reality of cancer that cries out for understanding."

There is a deep sadness that is inevitably associated with such a topic. But more importantly, it is a frank sharing of lives lived and those still being lived. It too reminds us of all those lives that are associated with the 70,000+ people who die of cancer each year.

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