Thursday, November 09, 2006

:) :(

In light of my brother's new-found celebrity (their video has now been viewed 5196 times and discussed on MTV Canada) I am sad to say that my most recent brush with worldwide recognition is a no-go. Some of you might remember about a month ago I mentioned that a nameless magazine (with the name of the New Yorker) had contacted me about publishing one of my photos from Zipolite, Mexico. Well, I was patient, but after a month with no further word I sent an e-mail asking where things stood. Sadly, they went ahead without my photo. It seems they had two from the same area and had to cut one. Mine. In the good column, it was a cool experience and the art director said he'd keep an eye on my work because he found me "so easy to work with." :) Now I just need to get out taking pictures that might be of interest. Clearly I need to go on a trip. ;)

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