Saturday, April 22, 2006

"A Beer Brothel Folkestra"

How can you not love anything that is described like that? Really. Last night I enjoyed the musical stylings of a band alternately billed as: 'Brothel Blues'?, 'A Saloon Symphony'? 'Ghost Town Orchestra'? 'The Muppets meet Harry Smith's Anthology of Folk Music'..'Music to rob trains by'.

Damn do they make me happy! Oh, "who am I talking about?" you ask. Why The Silver Hearts, of course. Catch some of their music either on that last link or this one. Please do. You'll be glad you did (even if it is just to keep me happy). I'm going to be glad I am going to sleep now but I'll be back with more.


Arianne said...

Is there anything that makes you happier than the sound of 10 people on stage playing everything from a train whistle to a theremin?
Also with lyrics like
"love is like a hurricane. It happens in Florida, and it destroys everything" I'm pretty sure I couldn't be more in love with them.
Keep spreading the gospel dude.

justin said...

Represent! That song in particular makes me happy! Methinks they do the same for you. :)