Sunday, April 16, 2006


I just spent a great weekend with my family celebrating my uncle's 50th birthday. Sure, it was Easter and Passover (Eastover if you will) but that wasn't the reason we got together (save for the long weekend). Anyway, it was a wonderful opportunity to all be together with discussions all over the place. One such discussion touched on things that have happened in our shared lives and I was left not remembering very much. I've felt like I have a bad memory for a long time... As long as I can remember. ;) I regularly harass my brother for seemingly remembering things from the womb. While not an earth-shaking revelation, the idea that memories are "set" in our minds based on the emotional reaction which we have to them came up. It stands to reason that we remember things that resonated with us and continue to, in a good or bad way. If that is the case though, it raises a bit of an unpleasant possibility for me, one that I don't want to think of as true (but might be anyway). What if my poor memory is a sign of me not engaging with the world around me? What if things don't resonate with me? Sure, we all have moments that pass us by. But what's going on that I don't remember things where I was an active participant. Was my brain just in neutral? Raising the more frightening question: Is it still?

I had something else very important to write about... but I don't remember what it was. ;)

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