Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Work and Life

Where does work end and life begin? Of course, work is part of your life so it can't ever truly be separated. While we may not be able to take life out of work we can take work out of life. Until we win the lottery or reach retirement (ahhh, Freedom 85), we won't literaly be able to take it out but we can remove it in our minds. Maybe I am alone in this but I have found myself thinking: "It is only work." First off, don't think that is representative of any unhappiness with my work. Quite the contrary, I cannot imagine finding work that I would find more enjoyable or fulfilling. I am a lucky man to be able to say that. But no matter how lucky I feel, I am able to remember that it is work. If I weren't there, someone else would be doing it (maybe better, hopefully not). The same can't be said for life. If I'm not living it, no one is going to do so for me. As a result, the "only work" moments. Every once in a while something comes up to remind me of this distinction, of the importance of living one's life. Work is a valuable and often necessary part of life but it's not all there is. I think that recognition can make the time we do spend in work, and wherever else, more fulfilling and enjoyable. Gotta go live.

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