Sunday, April 02, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

If the above adage is true, then I should be perfect at not practicing.

I have realized that my previous experience of things coming easily to me has one major downside, I don't have the experience of practicing to improve. That is a scary thought. Almost scary enough for me not to post it.

Sure, being aware of it should be the tool that helps me move forward. But moving beyond denial doesn't delve deeper into the root cause. It seems like good intentions are fine (and great for paving the road to hell) but without further understanding of the source, it may be another case of: "Wow, I'm glad I know that. Now what's on tv?" Speaking of which... Kidding.


Michelle said...

Halarious - and so very true. I'm very similar - since I generally get the knack of things quickly, I don't tend to take failure very well.

Funny enough, Meagan and I both came to this conclusion last summer, and it ended with us both deciding that we should try to become "better at failure" - we went along with it for a bit, until we realized how circular that really is - only perfectionists like us (who don't do well with failure) would actually consciously decide to try to be better at failure.

For silliness’ sake, we spent the rest of the summer congratulating each other when we failed at something ... like "Great job making that really bad pie! Good job failing!"


justin said...

Michelle. If anyone was going to make a silly game out of "failure" it would be you. :) You definitely brought a smile to your face with your enlightening and entertaining experience. If nothing else, to be able to laugh and smile at something that you consider a "failure" is, to me, a great success. :)

les said...

Failure is learning and growing. Without stepping beyond our "knowns", growing is impossible. Ah,,,, ain't life grand!!

justin said...

'Tis. 'Tis.