Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What if?

What would the world be without those whose imagination can take them anywhere they please? What would we be if we could not conjour up images of a world and experience unlike our own? I would venture that the world wouldn't be as good a place.

That being said, what happens to those people who are always wondering: "What if?" Do they ever find an answer to that everlasting question? I feel like I am one who regularly asks that question. I think that has the opportunity to make me a better person as I am open to more ideas and opportunities. The challenge with it (for me) is that even if I'm in a situation that I should be happy with, I find myself asking the same question. While nobody should "settle" for an experience or a world that does not reach expectations, is it ever possible to stop asking that question of yourself and those around you when you are happy with things? I feel that I am in a perpetual state of "What if?" and that can take away from enjoyment of the moment. What can change that? Being genuinely happy with one's life? I feel like even that is not adequate. Questioning things may be part of the hard-wiring of some of us. That still doesn't provide a solution. Not a bad target, but no solution. Maybe the answer is 42. Somebody wake me if I'm right.

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justin said...

A wise response from Julie (in an MSN chat): "what if is what the observer asks, not the person engaging"

Maybe not living in the moment is my "what if downfall". I must admit, I cherish the idea of living in the moment but have seldom felt that I've been successful in doing so.