Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The cult of celebrity

We will watch anything. Whether it's got "real" celebrities (A-list, B-list, all the way to Q-list) or someone who becomes a celebrity based on their efforts to do so (that ass from Survivor comes to mind) we eat it up like candy. I had the opportunity to experience "America's Next Top Model" tonight. Will they really become the "next top model"? Unlikely. Then again, if this show had a broader audience base then it just might happen. Omarosa, the alpha-bitch from the Apprentice a while back has made a career of yet more "reality" shows based on her infamy. And to think, she didn't win. She got turfed but still managed to parlay that experience into a "career". Then again, we're buying in. Maybe it's just a dream that many people have: to become rich and famous, to live their lifestyle and all that. Maybe we watch for the same reason we buy lottery tickets: "if it can happen to them, maybe it can happen to me." But really, do you want to be known as the guy/girl that made a name for themselves eating some kind of slug or was such a complete ass that not only the people you were around but anyone who saw you on tv would hate you?

The good thing about our dedication to the cult is that we can also take the piss out of it. Anything that many people strive for is bound to also be the target of those who don't share that point of view. Enter: Go Fug Yourself (Don't be offended Gramma). This takes celebrities down a notch (or 10). Good laughs and a healthy reminder that even celebrities can look like crap (and generally be ridiculous).

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