Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mental Masturbation

Does all this electronic navel-gazing represent developing a clear understanding of the world or is it just mental masturbation? The term came up this weekend (gotta love Mother's Day discussions) and, being a thinker, I couldn't help but wonder whether I'm actually accomplishing anything as I ponder the world and where I am in it. If I were going round and round in circles and not being aware of what I was writing I might be guilty of a little verbal self-gratification. Thankfully for me, I feel like this is a useful way of reconsidering things. Sadly for all of you, I've mentioned/used phrases that might disturb you. It's kinda like saying: "Don't think of the pink elephant!" Stop it! I know you are.

To remove any pictures from your head, disturbing or otherwise, here's a little Mother's Day flower.

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