Monday, May 22, 2006

A weekend of momentous occasions

No, I was not elected Prime Mover of Canadia this weekend. Nor did I find the Lost Treasure of Cheese String. Nonetheless things of note to many (or few) people occured and I might not be able to live with myself if I did not share them with you. While having missed a friend's birthday (the e-card is in the e-mail) I also missed a living legend's birthday. Yesterday, May 21, was the birthday of Mr. T! For the guy with the Mr. T bobblehead on his dashboard, I am, frankly, apalled with myself for not celebrating in proper fashion. It appears that I am the foo' to be pittied today. Sorry, I'll quit my jibber-jabber.

In other news, my step-sister Suzanne and her partner Pat departed on their cross-country odessey on Saturday. They've been in Victoria for... well, a while now. This summer though, they're travelling across Canada in Daisy the Van. Their stuff is in storage and they've got 'til November. I am jealous. Green. Ok, actually, I'm blue 'cause it's so ridiculously cold in my apartment. Whatever colour I am, I think they're going to have an amazing adventure and I look forward to hosting them when they get here to K-town. If you want to keep up to date, Pat started a blog. Happy Trails!

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