Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Safe and Sound

Hawksley Workman played in town tonight. Like Sarah Harmer before him, the venue was Sydenham Street United Church. They just don't make places like they used to. Great location, great acoustics and pretty damn intimate. How often are you going to have an artist sit down on the front of the stage with a banjo (yes, a banjo) in their hands and sing without a mic? I think it's fair to say the answer to that is: not too damn often.

A great musician and a bit of a nut to boot. I think he talked almost as much as he played. From magic soap to the benefits of having the original Star Trek on your resume. I realized that, as a fan, I'll accept most anything from an artist that I'm really interested in. I can think of shows where they could've lit their hair on fire and I would've thought it was cool because it was them. Not having seen him play before I almost was overwhelmed by his banter. Then again, I like his quirkiness. It gives me hope. ;) I learned that it's only embarassing if you're not impossibly cool and carrying a guitar. I've got that first one down, now I just need to start carrying my guitar around.

Safe and Sound is a beautiful love song of his that I was introduced to last fall (thanks A & D). I never would've imagined it but the banjo/ragtime rendition did the song justice. I think I have The Silver Hearts to blame for a certain enjoyment of the banjo/ragtime vibe. What have you done to me!?

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