Monday, May 29, 2006

Self-Censoring the Coolest Guy on Earth

This whole blogging thing has been interesting, enjoyable and entertaining. It has also been challenging. Sometimes, it is outwardly driven: I feel like I should post so my loyal readership ;) has something to entertain them. Sometimes, it is inwardly driven: I post because I have things to say. Either way, I find myself inevitably limiting what I say to protect the innocent, or sometimes, myself. Sure, I know I can't post about work in any direct way. But with my life outside of work I am torn. I want to share my thoughts, be myself, maybe even entertain but I don't want to make people think less of me. Now, i know you're thinking: "How could we think any less of the Coolest Guy on Earth?" ;) Regardless of what you may think of me outside of my presence here, I am keenly aware of the fact that people I know are reading this. While it takes strength to be willing to make yourself vulnerable by being open, there are risks associated (see the last post). So, forgive me if I'm a little cryptic. I still want to be the tall, dark, handsome mysterious stranger sometimes (even if only at Hallowe'en).

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les said...

Cool can be good, vulnerable can be good, not being vulnerable can be good, huggin and a lovin can be good, angry can be good, caring can be good, not caring about others can be good. What good is my right good now?