Sunday, February 04, 2007

And so the weekend ends. I guess that makes this moment the true "weekend". My place is cleaner, I feel a little more organized and a little wiser. The wisdom comes from my (over) thinking and a little bit of the idiot box.

While tv is a nice companion sometimes, it's role as a companion means I waste too much time with it. Thankfully, there is the odd gem that makes me feel like my tv-watching was at least somewhat worthwhile. Last night, it was catching The Greatest Canadian Inventions. Run like The Greatest Canadian, candidates were shown and viewers had a chance to choose their favourites. For me, the best part was learning new things (as with the original). Who knew that there was a Canadian connection to everything from the light bulb to the Wonderbra, to plexiglass? I sure didn't. But now I do. All thanks to tv.

Now that I've been able to praise tv, I can return to the regularly scheduled programming of complaining about it's role in my life. Must. Stay. Away.

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