Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Close to Home

When most things hit "close to home" they are usually touching us personally. In this case, I use the term literally. It's not even my home. Rather, it's my grandmother's home. She lives on the border with Minnesota. Specifically International Falls, the "Icebox of the Nation". They even have a giant thermometer to prove it. Well, it just goes to show that history isn't always enough in the face of changes in laws. It turns out the good folks of International Falls forgot to renew their trademark. In steps Fraser, Colorado trying to scoop up the title. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Speaking of weaves: Britney is still without her hair and the salon is attempting to sell it directly along with, get this, the clippers used for the job and a crappy lighter and can of Red Bull that she left there. Minimum bid: $1,000,000. Please accept my previous closing and add: Shudder.


silverlined said...

I'm glad someone is talking about this -- I keep expecting dooce to but she hasn't delivered yet. One would think she'd be in a tizzy.
My gladness stems from the fact that I have restrained myself from clicking on those news items detailing the story because I DON'T CARE, but am dying to read about it. It is for this same reason that I'm about to go check out that story about the astronaut, the "love rival" and the space diaper.
Cruise ships are overrated anyway.
So I hear...

justin said...

Kudos on the self-restraint. I wish I had the self-restraint not to post about it all but since I don't, I'm glad that it is serving a purpose. Also, inspiring someone to read about adults in diapers is a major step. One I can surely be proud of. ;)