Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Say it like you mean it

You know what's upon us. It's VD. You know, Valentine's Day, a crassly-commercialized opportunity to show the love for one another that we should show every day. Crassly-commercialized or not, it is an opportunity that is going to get acknowlegement and if you're going to celebrate it then you may as well do it right. In light of all of this a reminder of ways to be more in tune with the planet when showering your sweetheart with gifts.

Gifts are great, but what's better than spending time with the important people in your life? Don't waste your time working.

I hope that you all have the kind of VD you've always dreamed of. If you don't, then try just having the kind of day you've always dreamed of.


les said...

All right, I will spend time with the people that i love for VD. Hey by the way that includes you, dude!! Have a happy!!!!!

kendra said...

Don't really like VD myself. I think it's just a money grab and a holiday full of obligation.


Nic said...

Happy VD JK!

Michelle said...

Happy Valentines Day, Justin! I'm so glad that we get to keep in touch, even if its just by little posts and comments, it helps to feel connected. And, of course, I got the post-aversery idea off you, and I've been anxiously waiting for my 200th post ever since I missed 100. :)