Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shutdown Day

I think I'm posting this more for myself than anyone who reads this. There are definitely those who think I "click-click-click" too much. Sometimes I even agree. To be clear: "click-click-click" refers to typing on the computer not taking photos or trying to light firecrackers with a broken lighter. I allow myself to fall victim to my television more than I would like. It is my company when I have no other. The computer seems a step-up, albeit small, from the inactive intake of tv. I enjoy posting, working on my photos and the like but while some people seem to use the computer as an intentional wall between themselves and other people, I like to think I use it to bridge the gap with the people who are important in my life. Still, there are better ways to spend one's time than in front of the click-machine.

A reminder of this is Shutdown Day. While it's a full month away: March 24, it may take a little forward-thinking to make it happen. Then again, maybe that defeats the purpose. It's just like going out and doing a bunch of shopping before Buy Nothing Day just so you can avoid the shops on that day. Maybe a little organic non-computing is the better approach. Then again, participation seems to always be better than non-participation, regardless of the intention or preparation. So put it in your calendars. Prepare for it, or don't. Maybe you'd have stayed away from your computer on the 24th anyway. Then it can just be a reminder of the value of life beyond the computer.


beck said...

i like it. i like it better than the buy nothing day. it reminds me of when i was a kid at camp or days when the power goes out. i love the days when the power goes out, snow days, whatever it takes to force some simplicity.

Ryan said...

if my computer was as f*ckin wondrful as yours id prolly NEVER leave it! Good for you!