Saturday, February 10, 2007

Growing Old(er), Not Growing Up

I have always liked the quote:

Growing old is mandatory.
Growing up is optional.

- Chili Davis

I'd like to think that I live that in my daily life. I know that there are parts of me that fit with that quote and parts that don't. Still, I think it is a great goal in many ways.

The quote and the idea came to mind when I saw a short documentary about a game I remember from my childhood. This was not a film to remind people of their childhood but rather to show people who have taken that game and changed it to fit their current urban lives. The game is "Manhunt", a cross between hide-and-seek and tag. I used to play it a while back and most often in the woods or some other natural environment. Fast-forward to 2007: People are playing it many urban environments. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and even Perth, Australia. These are young adults (of which I consider myself one-even if it has the word "adult" in it), using their urban surroundings entirely differently from the way most people do. I think it's great for so many reasons. Maybe I should start a regular game in Kingston.

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