Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sero sed serio

Whenever I miss deadlines (which is never), I figure it must have to do with my family heritage. No, my family are not shiftless layabouts that don't get things done. Rather, we are Kerrs. The family motto is the title of this post. For those who haven't been keeping on top of your latin, it means: "late, but in earnest". Which brings us to the next paragraph (which is a day late but still "in earnest".

Happy Pi Day! No, not pie. Mmmm, pie. Pi day celebrates Albert Einstein's Birthday. Why pi? For the non-mathematically-inclined of you, pi is equal to approximately 3.14. March 14th is represented as 3/14 in North America. See the tenuous connection? The 14th is not the only time that people celebrate this. Be prepared for a geek-stravaganza when you delve into the link and find out all the associated possibilities. That, or have a piece of pie.

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