Saturday, March 24, 2007

Technology - Making Life Easier or Not?

I am a nerd. I spent much of today trying to get various pieces of technology to play nicely. It was a better use of time than being in front of the tv and the weather was largely rainy but it was a big investment of time that was only partially successful. Technology has been seen as a panacea by many. A means of increasing our productivity, of saving time for relaxation. So why am I spending my relaxation time working on my technology? I have spent lots of time getting my entire music collection onto my computer and organized. It has borne fruit already, but will I ever get enough enjoyment out of the work I've done to justify the time invested? I guess it's a good thing I'm a little bit compulsive. I felt it important to get things just so. I also get a certain level of enjoyment and sense of accomplishment having just done the work (regardless of whether I make "adequate" use of it).

In theory, as more technology comes down the pipe (like the new AppleTV), I will be able to make full use of my 6000+ songs with album covers and lyrics. 'Til then, it is largely trapped at my desk. Maybe it's all self-perpetuating: I spend all this time at my desk improving things that are largely at my desk, leading me to spend more time at my desk appreciating them. Enough desks for ya?

Is technology giving you time or taking it from you?

Time for me to take time away from the computer.


les said...

its a big suck in,, but if i minded, i'd turn it off

William said...

Well, for me, it's a livelihood as well as an interest and a passion, so that's gotta be something, yes?