Friday, March 30, 2007

Silly Canadians

You'd think we were cave-bound in an arctic wasteland for the last few months. Our surprisingly short winter seems to be giving way to the warmth of spring and the people 'round here can't seem to wait any longer. The park was full of people on my way home. Lying down, reading, playing guitar, football, baseball... Now it's one thing when there's a remarkable 18 degree day. Today though, was 7 degrees. Clearly it doesn't take much to get our imaginations working on our summer hopes and plans. Not wanting to get a late start, we seem to give anything that barely resembles summer the full treatment. I just hope that as the warm weather becomes the norm, we keep giving it the treatment and attention it deserves. Wait, maybe it's giving ourselves the treatment and attention we deserve.

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Anonymous said...

I love it at this time of year when you'll pass one person on the street who is wearing a parka, and two feet later you'll see someone wearing shorts and a tank-top.
We do live in a funny place!