Sunday, March 04, 2007

Today is a beautiful day. Sometimes the outwardly bad has a silver lining. A Saskatchewan referee got clocked by an irate player but when he was checked-out at the hospital, doctors found a brain tumour that may have otherwise gone undetected. In this case, it is much less serious and at least somewhat less life-affirming. The crap-condition of the dryer in my building sent me out in search of a more suitable means of drying my clothes. After deciding against a wood-fire (nobody needs smokey sheets) and the hand dryer in the men's room at work (no clean clothes should ever be exposed to that), I settled on the dryer at the local laundromat (seems like a terribly easy choice in hindsight). I always feel like the grinch or some traditional cat-burglar when I go over to the laundromat. The full-to-bursting laundry bag on my shoulder could be the Grinch's distended gift-taking bag after slipping into a who-ville home. I always wonder what folks must be thinking as I sneak by. But I digress. It was the necessity of visiting the laundromat that brought to my attention the beauty of the day. It doesn't just seem like a particularly nice day. It seemed almost like a chink in winter's armour. I know, we've had a reasonably gentle and short winter and there's still probably plenty to come, but today is pregnant with the pent-up energy of spring and all that comes with it. I find it hard not to smile on a day like that.


Ryan said...

You smell like puppy dogs and ice cream rose factories of love.

William said...

That's a great idea for fabric softener! Mesquite, hickory, even campfire! Who doesn't want to smell like cured meat?