Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Any of you who have reached the point of being able to read this post likely understand the benefits and pitfalls of escapism. You can't have been excessively fond of the practice because if you were, I can't imagine you'd be in a position to be reading this. Having said that, you may well be escaping something right now to be able to read this post. The important thing that you have likely figured out and I clearly have to work on is that escapism is a fine pass-time but it is no way to live in the long-term. It has to have an end to it. You can't escape forever. It is an inherently short-term thing. Granted, the longer it continues the harder it is to escape. I know, I know, escaping the escape. It has to happen though. I've been avoiding an assignment for my course so completely that I didn't even read the instructions, let alone complete the readings. Even though the assignment is already overdue and I made the unequivocal statement that I wouldn't sleep tonight until I had completed it I still manged to spend the whole evening trying to escape it. Rather short-sighted on my part knowing that I wouldn't be sleeping 'til it was done. Then again, finding ways to push yourself through these challenges prepares you for these and more complicated challenges in the future. Ya. That's it. Alright, back to work.

For you, a reminder that we can't escape some of the longer-term effects we're having on our world: Tree Canada has gotten together with Terra Pass, a company that allows you to calculate your carbon usage and then offset it by purchasing a pass whose cost goes towards investment in renewable energy sources. Check out how much carbon you produce and how you can offset it. While that runs through my head, I will also get my ass going on this assignment. These stern fellows from the U.S. Marine Corps will make sure I keep at it.

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