Sunday, December 18, 2005


This evening my car's odometer hit 50,000kms. This post is not to share with you the wonders of having a '98 civic with low mileage. Rather, it frames different ways of looking at milestones. It seems easier and easier to be moving towards recognizing our "things" as milestones rather than ourselves and our experiences. Maybe that's a little pessimistic. Maybe everyone else limits their milestones to turning points in their lives (that don't have to do with having bought something or paid something off). It does strike me though as a little ridiculous that we can get excited about things so easily. I hope that isn't proof or our devaluing of personal experiences. Maybe the next time I have another "thing" milestone, I'll think a little more about what I consider milestones and what deserves my attention.

Here's a milestone, the first moose you've seen on the internet today:

Here's a little seasonal activity, gone high-tech. Remember folding paper and cutting out snowflakes? Hey, you may have even done it this year. Well, Snowdays lets you make them online and attach a message. People can even respond to your snowflake if they want. Happy cutting!

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