Saturday, December 03, 2005


I am clearly hungry. Maybe not hungry enough to post a picture of real food but the name of food is pretty close. I found it along a trail in Victoria and I liked it. As for what a "Sand Squatch" is... I figure it is a yeti that hangs out on the beaches of northern B.C. and Vancouver Island. Can you imagine being covered in hair and getting sand in it? You'd never get it out! Then all the "cool" yetis would start making fun of you. Seems totally plausible to me.

Discussion turned to pets in costumes today. Pet lovers will really do anything for/to their pets.

I tend to come across some pretty weird/wonderful/interesting/informative websites in my web travels. Since my SS/RFTD (Strange Sight/Remark For The Day) hasn't really panned out and my FPP (Flickr Purgatory Photos) are being posted elsewhere I think I might have to start adding links that catch my eye. So, today, I bring you It outlines tips and rationales for eating for free. Otherwise known as "dumpster diving" you can eat pretty well if you know what you're doing (and not get sick).

P.S. While the site existed just a day ago, I've removed the link 'cause I can't find it anymore. Hmmm.

Instead, an old favourite of mine (even if it's either a couple of months late or 10 months early). The Talk Like A Pirate Day website. September 19th will never be the same.

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Nic said...

don't forget to one day post our favourite site! *grin*