Monday, December 19, 2005

Past, Present and Future

I would venture to say that most people have things in their past that they regret or are not too proud of (even if the optimists in the crowd recognize that everything that has happened before has brought us to where we are--and I, for one, am happy to be where I am). But did you imagine where you would be now? Could you have imagined? If you did, were you close? What about now? Do you have any insights into your future self? Anything you might need reminding of in a few months (or years)? I've used this activity. I remember doing it in my Canada World Youth exchange. There were meant to be about 3.5 months in between writing and reading. I happened across the letter just recently (now 10 years since it was written). Though I can't say it was the most insightful prose, I still see the value and enjoyed the exercise. And what about those positive affirmations, reminding yourself how great you are? Well, enter FutureMe. A website designed so that you can send yourself an e-mail message...IN THE FUTURE! Dude! Have they mastered time travel?! I wish. Instead, they just sit on your message until the date that you select. It could be a day or a decade from now. I might just have to bookmark this. Not only can you directly re-connect with your current life...IN THE FUTURE, but you can use it for more mundane tasks. How do I know this? You have the choice of seeing those messages that people have asked remain public (though you can also keep them private). I've seen people reminding themselves that by the time they get the message they should've dumped their current partner but I've also seen people reminding themselves of someone's birthday. I mean... that seems a little more complicated than writing it in their calendar but chacun son gout. Go ahead. Send yourself a message.

I talked about how hard the snow was coming down in an earlier post but I shied away from providing a picture. As you can see, I was not pulling your chain. (I should've sent myself a message IN THE FUTURE to remind me to do this)

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