Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Holiday Messages

As holiday cards fly furiously around the country (and help keep Canada Post in business) I consider the many many ways we have to send messages. In fact, my last two postings have highlighted two different methods. First, you had snowflake messages. Second, e-mails to THE FUTURE. Well, I've found yet another method. This one fits in with the season (Winter in our beautiful Northern Hemisphere does begin tomorrow). Have you ever sent a message with Yellow Snow? Maybe you have in real life. I assure you, this way is easier. It is also not nearly as gross or unacceptable in family activities. Whatever method you choose, make good use of it. I think we all have things to say, even if we figure people don't care (or want to hear it). I mean, really... You're reading this aren't you? That says to me people want to hear what you, what everyone, has to say.

I'm clean out of yellow snow photos. Make do with this one.


les said...

Yellow snow brings back memories. Sometimes it is so sweet to be a guy!


justin said...

That's my da!

Duffolator said...

Haven't tried the yellow snow method; a bit time-consuming for us chicks!

justin said...

Hard to blame you. But just imagine the workout potential. ;)