Monday, December 12, 2005

Shop. Don't shop. Shop. Don't shop.

How does a date "sneak up" on you? What about Christmas? It's not like you've known when it is FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Having said that, it is hard to believe that it is less than two weeks away. I felt like I was thinking about it in advance this year. Clearly not. What with my course and all, I doubt I'll be giving it much consideration until... oh, Christmas Eve. Keeps the shopping short and painless (I've already explained that Buy Nothing Christmas is not on for me this year). Ah well. It always gets done, just like everything else.

In honour of the short time left for shopping here's an interesting on-line shopping site, if you just can't make your way out into the madness. Check that, forget shopping. Have fun with Homestarrunner.

Here's another splash of colours that you won't see much of outside around these parts for the next few months.


Heather said...

Huge props to your family for staying on good enough terms to celebrate together. Perhaps it hasn't always been easy, but surely worth it. My friend's family aren't even divorced and can't celebrate together. (Moment of blessing counting)

justin said...

No arguement here. Holidays are made much more enjoyable by that fact where I can imagine they would be a bit of a pain otherwise. We've got plenty of blessings in our lives. It's not always such a bad idea to count them. Maybe while we've stopped to smell the roses. :)