Friday, December 09, 2005

I made it out of clay...

The snow came down nice and fluffy again last night. The picture is from the weekend but I found grates like that one looking just the same on my way into work this morning. Friday has come and gone (the work part anyway). It wasn't long after arriving at work that I knew I was a little loopy. Monkey impressions, complete with screeching and full-body movements are not necessarily an office staple. I have to say that I think they should be. They certainly helped guide me through my day. If nothing else, other people seem to enjoy it. It's kinda like halloween. That day, I dressed in regular work clothes but wore a red foam clown nose everywhere I went. It was great! I saw a lot of smiles develop on the faces of people who hadn't been smiling before. How can you beat that? The important part was that it was halloween and they recognized that I was having fun and not some strange man that they should be scared of. Sadly, that limits me from doing it everyday.

Even though I've already broken the precepts of it, I thought I might make today's link a new approach to the up-coming holiday season. You can probably guess what Buy Nothing Christmas is advocating. There are definitely some connections between this and the Adbusters Buy Nothing Day/Christmas efforts. I do have to note that there is no "Buy Nothing Hannukah", or Kwaanza but I will let it slide since I still like the concept (even if I won't be sticking to it this year).

p.s. Again, with the silly title that has nothing to do with the post. Deal.

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les said...

I hope that you got a picture of the nose.... Now that would be a picture!! You are certainly in the spirit raising a few smiles.