Sunday, December 04, 2005

Walking in a Winter Wonderland (could I be any more cheesy?)

I know, I know. It has to be cold for snow to "work". But it really is beautiful to wake up and see a thick fluffy layer of some of the softest stuff imaginable outside. In case you're wondering, that isn't coming out of the blue. It actually happened today and I couldn't help but go wandering in it. You might want to check out my flickr site in the links list over there ------> to see more of the sights. As for sounds, that is one of the wonders of the snow. It totally changes how you relate to the world around you (and that's not just the skier in me talking).

I found these just a few days ago and wanted to see the difference between snow and no snow. That may be the one thing about winter, sometimes it is hard to find colour. I'm glad I found these.

While I think that this is the perfect day to be outside enjoying yourself (at least here in Kingston), I know that it is important to have other activities and that not everyone digs on the white stuff as much as I do. As such, today's link is a solid time-waster for the indoor set. Thank you to Nic for turning me on to Odd Todd. It's been much too long since I've enjoyed some of the sillyness on it's pages. Be prepared to waste some time. There's even a book. Mep.

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