Monday, December 05, 2005

Not procrastinating... really.

I am going to get a bad name for myself if I keep on talking about my procrastination. Good thing is, I'm not procrastinating. I'm also not done my assignment yet. I am most of the way there though. Therefore, I consider this time well spent.

I talked in a previous post about iTunes and how some people react when other people can see their playlist. Well, I think (linked over on the right) can have a similar effect. It allows you to access your favourites/bookmarks from any computer with web access. It also allows you to share your faves/marks with friends and family. You can even "tag" them with a subject for easier searching. What this means is that anyone can see your list and, like with iTunes, might start to jump to conclusions about who you are. I just started an account and it is no coincidence that I chose my first addition carefully (with all you judgemental people out there) ;) There is plenty out there to be found. Who needs their own favourites when you can have someone elses?

Today's photo is actually yesterday's. I mean, I took it yesterday in the snow storm. On a clear day, you can see Wolfe Island across the water. Not yesterday. With the snow deadening sounds and the water totally still (save for the odd duck), it was as though I was no longer in Kingston.

Staying on the topic of photography... Today's link. As a little background, my camera is 8 megapixels. With that, I could print substantially bigger than 16x20 inches. In case your internal ruler isn't working, that is pretty large. Well, check out Gigapixl. Think 8 megapixels is good? How about 1000? Or 4000? The detail in the pictures is unreal. Make sure you check out the gallery.

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